Captivate 7/Marine Biology
(Captivate 7)

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Day and time: Tuesdays 12 to 1pm or Saturdays 9:30 am to 10:30am Central (will be added to classroom 1 schedule today)

First Day - September 10

Full school year course

The enrollment in this live class is a bit unique. It will have home school students, parents, teachers, and those wanting to learn about e-learning that come from the fields of professional illustration.

Captivate is a world-class, professional level e-learning creation tool. Students that take this course will learn how to build interactive lessons, learn to work with project management tools, gain skills with working in a team, Learn how to work with graphics (what they can and cannot use from the net, stocksites, etc), and will learn content area skills as they build interactive lessons. We will build for a variety of different course types, but one major course we will focus on is Marine Biology because of its opportunities for such a wide array of e-learning skills to be explored (even sound effects). Students taking this course will learn enough about Marine Biology in the course of building the e-learning content that they can count it as dual credit. Students that also sign up for the Illustrator and Photoshop companion courses will also be able to count credit for art because they will learn how to create and modify their own graphics. See those courses for details.

One thing I love about this course is that the skills the students learn can be put to use to create resources for their own family member's and their own learning needs and they are building real marketable skills. I see 6 or 7 new job offerings a day for skilled e-learning designers. It can lead them to a career. If nothing else, if they keep their skills warmed up, they can make their own curriculum if they home school their own children in the future. :0)

Required -

I had hoped that we would have had enough donations to supply every participant with a Captivate subscription since the students will be building real course resources for our classes, but it doesn't look like it will happen at this point in fund-raising. The Captivate team has mentioned that if they are very interested in our project and that we can contact them of we have need related to getting our Captivate course dev off the ground, so maybe we will be able to provide for families yet. They have even invited me to a worldwide conference in October in LasVegas to be a speaker. They would cover air fair and hotel expenses. They are keen on seeing us be successful with this. But, just to be safe, plan on setting up a subscription of Adobe Captivate for the course. You will not need to order it until we get to the first day of classes and will help you get set up. It is $29.99 per month for the month to month level and $19.99 per month is you commit to a year.

This course requires an enrollment key