Photoshop CC
(Photoshop CC)

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Adobe Photshop CC

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Live Class: 12pm Central Thursdays
Full Year Course
Starts September 12

Photoshop is an image creation and manipulation tool for 2D and, more recently, limited 3D images. Students interested in learning how to create digital illustrations in an industry class software for a career in illustration and graphic design will find it invaluable. I come from a professional illustration background and if you don't know one or both Illustrator or Photoshop you won't be seen as professional in the digital art world. Think of it as being a mechanic that doesn't know how to change oil on a car. These are that key to digital art production.

What kind of art can Photoshop do? Take a look at my Behance portfolio to see what Photoshop artwork looks like - Most of the digital portraits were painted in Photoshop. A few are traditional media like watercolor. Just click on the image to go into the groups and there you will see details of what the media is.

Home school families get an educational discount on Adobe Creative Cloud. Go to and note that the educational discount plans begin about half way down the list. Find the plan that fits your needs. It can be as low as $9.99 for the individual app at student discount up to $29.99 if you want to go with the month by month option. Note that if you are doing the Illustrator course as well, they both come in the Creative Cloud membership (not the individual app level). You get access to a whole slew of their software via the Cloud including pro level sound, video, game, and website creation tools. Get the Cloud once and you have what you need for both classes.

This course requires an enrollment key