Genesis and the Chinese Characters, Fall 2013
(Genesis and Chinese Fall 2013)

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Genesis and the Chinese Language

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This short course will start beginning September 16th through November 9th for eight (8) weeks meeting on Mondays 1 to 2pm Central Time. Textbook is not required for this course, and PDF files will be provided for reference.

Age range: Middle school. High school students are also welcome, but realize that this isn't a full language course that can be counted as a language credit. It is a short course specifically exploring the link between Genesis and Chinese written characters.

Taoism, Buddhism or Confucianism, anything but Judeo-Christianity might come to mind when Chinese is mentioned. But aren't we always surprised when it comes to a miracle only God can manifest? Join us in this remarkable discovery of some of the hidden truths in ancient written Chinese that was dated more than 4,500 years ago. A fascinating ancient language, Chinese contains many pictographs and ideographs in its written form. These common 'radicals' can be quickly learned and used as 'keys' to easily unlock the meaning of other characters. By the end of this short course, our student will have a taste of the etymology study of the characters through learning the common radicals (or symbols) that give the "meaning clues" in the characters. No previous knowledge of Chinese is required.

This course requires an enrollment key