Perspectives in Literature
(Perspectives in Literature)

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Perspectives in Literature

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Mondays, 5PM-6PM Pacific Time Zone (classroom 2)

Age range: High school Sophomores and up. Students must be able to attend the live classes.

All resources needed will be provided, or should be easily available from the library/online

Start Date: September 2nd.
November 25th
Thanksgiving Holiday
December 16th No class, winter break begins.

Course Description: Perspectives in Literature consists of weekly online sessions that are used to introduce new literary concepts to the class or engage the class in live discussion of the text at the time. In addition to these live sessions, free-response discussion boards with thought provoking questions will give students the opportunity to hone their analytical skills by engaging in thoughtful discussion of texts. The texts chosen for the course will be drawn from the British and American literary cannon. Frequent writing assignments will allow students to practice individually the skills needed to compose a thesis paper that analyzes an aspect of a literary text, culminating in a final thesis paper at the end of every semester. Students will be taught to express their ideas clearly and persuasively through analysis of the text in the form of a thesis paper. At the end of this course, students should be writing and thinking at a college-entry level.

This course requires an enrollment key