Agape Faithworks Biology 2013/14
(Agape Biology 2013/14)

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VHSG Apologia Biology

Edition 1 or 2

This is a local co-op course copy. Only members of the local co-op will be enrolling.

DESCRIPTION: Apologia Biology is a popular home school curriculum with home school families who want a rigorous curriculum but prefer less emphasis on evolution and an an open acknowledgment of the existence of God.

When will the class be enrolling?

  • Rolling admissions policy - This class runs year round and has multiple points at which new students can jump in.To enroll in the live, online classroom version please contact Tammy Moore at for more information.
When does this class meet?
  • Live Online Classroom Option: Meeting time: 8am to 9am Central and another duplicate sessions runs 2:30pm to 3:30pm Central in the online classroom. We may have a third option opening up with an additional volunteer teaching it that will create a new time slot that will run until May. More information will be posted soon. Students are free to select any session on any given day.
Will the class meet live in or will it be an asynchronous class?
  • At Your Own Pace Option: This course has an independent study option as well as a live class option. You can select either one and even move between them at will. In the asynchronous option, you can work your way through the modules at your own pace using study helps, quizzes, links to resources, and live teacher assistance during our open office hours Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the online classroom (you will need speakers or headphone) if you need help. In the live class option, you will be going at the pace of the class which is generally one module every 2 weeks with the exception of module 6 which takes 3 weeks to complete.

Co-op Option

The course is available as a resource for local co-ops. Most biology co-op meeting days have too much material to cram in to too few hours leaving students and teacher overwhelmed. How about letting the meeting day be just a lab day and letting the students log in here to watch module lecture recordings for the content, take quizzes, upload assignments, access your co-op's schedule, contact details, grade book, etc. We can set the biology course for you to use with your own local co-op kids.The teacher is able to grade and access the student's grades, assignments, quizzes (even has analysis tools), and more. The idea is this site keeps us all from having to continually reinvent the wheel. Contact Tammy Moore ( for more information about our Co-op partner program. As always, it is free.

This course requires an enrollment key