Homeschool to College With a Plan
(Homeschool to College)

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Homeschool To College With a Plan

Self enrollment key - webinar

Time: Tuesdays at 8:00 PM CDT (September 16th - October 14th)

This 4-week webinar is yours to attend live or watch later, so you
can start the college process works early in high school to reduce
pressure on students and their parents. With information and a plan in
hand, homeschooling families can make the most of the high school years,
and not to rush a complex process or miss opportunities for your student.
Those having a senior at home can still take the actions this fall
to maximize the college options for your students.

Help your student have a meaningful high school experience while,
at the same time, positioning themselves to be successful
in the college admissions process.

Registered participants have access to downloadable PDFs
and discussion
boards 24/7

Any questions or comment, please write to:

This course requires an enrollment key