Thinking Like a Christian 2014/15
(Thinking Like a Christian 2014/15)

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Thinking Like a Christian

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Thinking Like a Christian is a 14-week course on understanding worldviews. Students will learn to recognize worldviews that conflict with the Bible, and gain a deeper understanding of how Scripture can be applied to all areas of life. We will study worldview in context of the following disciplines: Theology, Philosophy, Biology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics and History. This course will be offered to a limited number of students.

It is appropriate for high school students and will be worth 1/2 credit. Students who complete this course will be well prepared for the next course—Countering Culture—which will focus on worldviews associated with other religions students may encounter. Countering Culture will be held in the spring and will also be worth 1/2 credit.

Age Range: Both courses are derived from David Noebel's Understanding the Times and is targeted to upper middle school to lower high school grade levels.

Thinking Like a Christian Student Journal
Cathy Duffy Reviews

Weekly Schedule

Students come to class having read the chapter and ready to do a group activity.
At home: Students complete independent Journal assignments, projects, and answer the study questions at home (following instructions and upload deadlines). Family discussion is encouraged.

Parent Involvement: Parents will be responsible for checking Student Journal work and forwarding the information to Mrs. Jao prior to the Monday class. Late reports will be treated the same as "Late Work" for grading.

This course requires an enrollment key