American Literature Live 2014-15
(American LIt 2014-15)

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American Literature



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Age: high school

Time: Mon 2pm Central

Start date Sep. 8
End Date: Dec 1st
1 semester course

Read. Think. Write. Repeat—only instead of just listening to lectures and whipping up a five-paragraph response, have the chance to engage with texts and pursue your own ideas.

It’s true that fifteen years from now you might not remember the finer
details of ‘Catcher in the Rye’, but it’s also true that skills integral to
success, such as written/verbal communication, critical thinking,
thoughtful analysis and reading between the lines, are primarily taught in English class. This 13-week long course examines texts from the American literary canon with the goal of building these skills through seminar-style discussions and writing assignments that culminate in a final,
individually-directed thesis paper.

Weekly reading assignments (the text, approximately 20-70 pages, and
supplementary materials such as scholarly criticism, cultural background, discussion questions, etc) will be accompanied by ‘reflections’ (writing assignments that encourage the student to generate initial critical thoughts towards the text), in-class discussions, and responses (writing assignments that encourage more structured analyses and written arguments about the text). Because the onus is on the student to make the most of
this class (including coming to the live class prepared to shape and
contribute to the discussion), this course is recommended for older high school students, although younger students may have the option to audit. We ask that students’ writing be at the level where they are already able to construct an argument about a text and support it with quotes. If there are
any questions about the fit of the class, please send me a sample of
writing ( and I would be happy to give you

This course requires an enrollment key