Agape Apologia Physical Science 2014/15
(Agape Physical Science 2014/15)

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Physical Science



This is a local co-op course. It is available only for local co-ops.

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Age: Middle School Students (some colleges will accept it as a high school course)

You must have the Apologia Physical Science text (ed. 1 or 2)

Time: Tuesday at 8am Central
Start date: Aug 19th
End Date: May 12th
Breaks: Oct 14th, Nov 25, Dec 23 to Jan 6th, Mar 10, Mar 17

  • Live (and recorded lectures if student misses a live class)
  • Computer-Scored Lecture Quizzes (OYO and study guide questions)
  • Lab Report Starters and instructor-scored extra-credit labs
  • Computer-scored module exams

This course requires an enrollment key