Scratch Space Shuttle Game Spring 2015
(ScratchSSG spring 2015)

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Intermediate Level

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The student account key is
Lottery_student but for some reason the course isn't auto enrolling students, so send an e-mail to and I can manually enroll the account. Be sure to tell me the first and last name on the account (s)

If a parent would like to enroll their own parental access account use the key parental access while logged in to that account.

SCRATCH 1 or some familiarity with the basics of SCRATCH.

Days: Thursdays
Session times: 12 PM Central
Start Date: Feb 19
The date here is correct. The newsletter was wrong

The SCRATCH software is free. Instructions on getting the software will be included in the course.

This course is a project-based course where students learn to build a spaceship app. SCRATCH is a tool for students that need an introductory level course for the logic behind object-oriented programming languages. The code parts are shaped a lot like Lego bricks that are dragged and dropped to create actions, if/then statements, loops and more.

This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrollment key