Mathematics Resource Listings

OneNote is a free, and excellent, student note-taking app. We use it to build the courses and it is the source of all the pdfs that the notes links below come from. If you would prefer to link to our OneNote notebooks and then open in your own OneNote, you could get notes for all the lessons in that notebook all in one go. Here are the links you need ...

Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

Notebook: Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math Notebook

We have moved the listing from the original single, long list and broken them out into individual lists for number strand, whole numbers, etc. You xcan see these lists in the bottom section of the VHSG home page at

We have over 250 and counting lessons that have been created and we are gradually getting them added to the public file directory.If you see a link, they are already available. If you don't see a link or you see text in red, keep checking back. We are adding more in to the directory every weekend.

Listings include pdf study notes, wbd files (Collaborate online classroom), and Captivate files (if you have Captivate you can edit).

Builder Favorites to check out -
Lower elementary: Ordinal Numbers, Sums of Ten Game, Counting On and Counting Back, Nines Trick, Finger Trick, Time to 5-minutes,
Upper elementary and middle school: Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane, Data Graphs, Schedules,
Algebra: Systems of Equations (graphing),