Geometry and Measurement

Time | Metric and English | Perimeter, Area, and Volume | Shapes | Lines and Angles | Slip Sliding | Coordinate and Polar | Proofs

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Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

Notebook: Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math Notebook


Months - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Years Between - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

To Five-Minutes - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Elapsed Time - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Fraction of a Second and Ordering Decimal Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)


Temperature: Reading from a Scale

Number Lines - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Reading Scales - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Scale Increments Other Than 1 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Negative Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Relationships of Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Cm and in to Nearest Whole - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Millimeters - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Measuring to the Nearest Quarter Inch - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Centimeters to Nearest Tenths - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Measuring w a Ruler to 16ths - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

English and Metric Mass - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Factor-Label Method - See story problem section

Perimeter and Area


Area of a Rectangle - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Area as a Difference - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Triangle - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Circle - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

D-Shape - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Area of a Sector - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Estimating Area - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Circumference - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)


Perimeter of a Polygon - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Pi - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Sectors of a Circle - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Surface Area

Regular Right Prism - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Cone - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)


Using Letters to Identify Geometric Figures - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Area of an Isosceles Triangle - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)


Circle Relationships - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Angles in a Circle - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Products Chords and Secants - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Drawing Circles, Compass, Diameter - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Constructing Geometric Solids - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Inscribed Angles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Inscribed Quadrilaterals - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Parallelogram - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Quadrilaterals - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Rhombus - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Polygons - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Angles in a Polygon - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Classifying Quadrilaterals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)


Classifying Triangles and More (multiple concepts) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

30-60-90 Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

45-45-90 Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

AA Means AAA - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Transversals (angle names and using straight angle to find unknown)- (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Algebra Triangles and Transversals - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Transversals and Trigonometry - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Similar Triangles and Proportion - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Congruent Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Overlapping Right Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Overlapping Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Pythagorean Theorem - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Remote Interior Angles Proof - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)


Volume of a Rectangular Solid - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

English Capacity - see measurement section

Volume of a Cone - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Cylinder - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Irregular Shape - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Right Triangular Prism - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Volume of a Sphere - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Lines and Angles

Line and Angle Review - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)


Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Horizontal, Vertical, Oblique - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Lines, Segments, Rays, and Angles - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Proportional Segments - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)


Right, Acute, Obtuse, Straight Angle - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Using a Protractor - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Angles, Turns, Compass - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Slip Sliding Away

Similar and Congruent - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Symmetry - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Geometric Transformations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Tessellations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Orthographic View - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Scale Drawings - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Coordinate and Polar

Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Rectangular to Polar - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Polar to Rectangular - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Negative Polar Angles - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Addition of Vectors (math) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Vectors in Two Dimensions, Analytical (from physics)- (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Addition of Vectors (from Physics) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Force Vectors at a Point - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)


Geometry and the Greeks - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Parallelogram Proofs_CPCTC and AAAS - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

SSS AAAS SAS HL and Isosceles Triangles - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Two Column Proofs - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)