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Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

Notebook: Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math Notebook

Lesson located in the Algebra Folder

Subscripted Variables - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Basic Steps

Basic Steps - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Distributive Property - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Evaluating Expressions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Linear Equations

Slope Intercept - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Slope Intercept w Negative Slope - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Two Points on a Line - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Linear Intercepts - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Slope Formula - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Experimental Data - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Lines from Experimental Data - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Parallel Lines - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Perpendicular Lines - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Systems of Equations

Graphing - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Substitution - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Elimination - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractions and Decimals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Advanced Substitution - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Three Equations, Substitution and Elimination - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Solutions to Systems of Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Systems of Three Equations, Ordered Triples - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Advanced Substitution 2 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

More on Systems of Three Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Story Problems Using Systems

Spend Money to Save Money - see graphing

Chemical Mixture Problems, Type A - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Chemical Mixture Problems, Type B - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Chemical Weight Combination by Percent - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Located in K-8 Math Folder -

Word Problems w 1 Unknown - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractional Part of a Number - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Consecutive Integer Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Uniform Motion

Equal Distances - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sum of the Distances D1 + D2 = k - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Uniform Motion D1 + k = D2 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Both Distances Given - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Boat in a River (from physics course but new copy in math) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Chemical Compounds - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Two Statements of Equality - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Value Word Problem - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Combined Gas Laws (from chemistry course)- (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Ideal Gas Law (from Chemistry course) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Number Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Age Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Solve by Factoring - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(OneNote)

Difference of Two Squares (completing the square) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Quadratic Equations and Completing the Square - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Quadratic Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Coefficients and Completing the Square - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Complex Roots of Quadratic Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Quadratic Formula - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Discriminant - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Parabolas - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Advanced Factoring - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Multiplying Polynomials - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Division of Polynomials - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Advanced Polynomial Division - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Word Problems w One Unknown - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Factoring Methods

Cancelation - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Monomial Factoring - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Trinomial Factoring - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractional Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Direct and Inverse Variation - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Functional Notation - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Joint and Combined Variation - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Function Graphs

Absolute Value - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Interactive Absolute Value Graph - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Exponential Functions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Interactive Function Family Match - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Conic Sections - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Conics , More on Non-linear Systems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Conics, More on Irrational Roots - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sums of Functions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Products of Functions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sum and Difference of Two Cubes - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Union, Intersection, and More

Union, Intersection, Venn - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Inequalities and Domain - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Conjunctions and Disjunctions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Systems of Linear Inequalities - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Inequalities and Absolute Value - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Quadratic Inequalities - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Non-Linear Inequalities - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Set Builder Notation - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Absolute Value Inequalities - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rational Inequalities - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)