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Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

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01 Number Strand

01 Number Sense and Numeration

01 Number Basics

Spelling Number Words - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Spelling to Million - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Spelling to Billion - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Spelling to Thousandths - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

02 Ordinal Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

03 Betweenness - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

04 Digits - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

05 Place Value and Regrouping

To Hundreds Place - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

To Thousands Place - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Writing Numbers to 100 Million Using Digits - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Naming Numbers Through Hundred Billions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Place Value Through Trillions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

05 Properties

Associative Property - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Distributive Property - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Roman Numerals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(OneNote)

Compare Whole Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Classifying Numbers

Prime and Composite Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Proof of Rational Numbers - Fraction of Integers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Expanded Form - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


To Nearest Dollar - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

To Nearest Ten - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

To Nearest Hundred - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

To Nearest Thousand - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rounding to the Nearest Hundred Millions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rounding Repeating Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Tally Marks - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(OneNote)

Scientific Notation (calculator Use) - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)