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Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

Notebook: Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math Notebook

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02 Whole Numbers

Mental Math

Estimating Arithmetic Answers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Addition No Regrouping

Addition No Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Counting On - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sums of Ten - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Addition w Regrouping

Two-Digit Addition w Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multi-Addend, Multi-Digit w Regrp - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Counting Back - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fact Families - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Two-Digit w/o Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

2-Digit Subtraction w Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Subtract Across Zeroes - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)



Counting By 2 and Even and Odd - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

X9 Trick - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Finger Trick - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sequences - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplication as Repeated Addition - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplication Table - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Many Ways to Show Multiplication - (play)

Multiplying 1-Digit to 2-Digits, w/o Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplying 1-Digit to 2-Digit Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiples and Factors

Multiples and Factors - (play)

Prime and Composite Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplying Three Factors - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

By Ten and One Hundred - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiply Two or More Digits Ending in Zero - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiply by Three-Digit Number - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiply by Three-Digit Number w Zeroes and Decimals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplying by Three-Digit Numbers w Zeroes and Decimals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

GCF Greatest Common Factor - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

LCM Least Common Multiple - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)


Division Introduction - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Three Ways to Show Division - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Divisor, Dividend, Quotient - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Checking Division - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

One-Digit Division w Remainder - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Division w Zeroes in the Quotient - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Division Algorithm - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Writing Quotients as Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Writing Quotients as Mixed Numbers, Part 2 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Short Division - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Divisibility - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Dividing by Multiples of Ten - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Dividing by Two-Digit Divisors - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Division of Complex and Real Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Equivalent Division Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Story Problems

Addition and Subtraction

SSM - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

SSM w Missing Addends - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

SWA - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

SWA w Missing Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

LSD Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplication and Division

Using the Word Times - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fraction of a Group Story Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(OneNote)

Ratio and Proportions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rate Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rate Problems Given Total - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Factor Label Method (math version) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Factor Label Method (chemistry version) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Equal Groups Stories Part 1 and 2 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Remainders in Equal Groups - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fraction of a Set - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Two Step Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Algebra Level -

Word Problems w 1 Unknown - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractional Part of a Number - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Consecutive Integer Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Uniform Motion

Equal Distances - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Sum of the Distances D1 + D2 = k - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Uniform Motion D1 + k = D2 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Both Distances Given - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Boat in a River (from physics course but new copy in math) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Chemical Compounds - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Two Statements of Equality - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Value Word Problem - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Combined Gas Laws (from chemistry course)- (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Ideal Gas Law (from Chemistry course) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Number Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Age Word Problems - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Numbers

Missing Numbers in Addition - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Numbers in Addition, 3 Addends - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Numbers in Subtraction - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Numbers in Two-Digit Subtraction - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Factors - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Missing Numbers in Division - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Exponents and Roots


Exponents 1 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Exponents 2 (algebra 2 starts w this one) - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractional Exponents - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

More Fractional Exponents - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Product and Power Rule - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractional Exponents - Raised to a Power - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Roots and Radicals

Squares and Square Roots - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Radical to Fractional Exponents - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Quotient Theorem for Square Roots - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Radical Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Rationalizing the Denominator - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Simplification of Radicals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Radical Denominators - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

More on Radical Denominators - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Advanced Radicals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiple Radicals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Imaginary Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Complex Numbers

Introduction to Complex Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Degree of Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Logarithms and Antilogarithms

Introduction, Common Logarithms and Antilogarithms - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Natural Logarithms - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Applied Logarithms, Practice - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Exponential Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Logarithmic Equations - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Laws of Logarithms - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Powers of Sums - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Order of Operations

Parentheses - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Introduction to Absolute Value - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Exponents and Roots - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)