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Notebook: Arithmetic K-8

Notebook: Algebra 1, 2, and Advanced Math Notebook

03 Fractions


Naming Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Halves, Fourths, and Tenths - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Thirds, Fifths, and Eighths - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Drawing Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Equivalent Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Reducing Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Simplifying Fraction Answers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions by Drawing Pictures - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Mixed Numbers

Mixed Numbers on a Number Line - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Naming Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Improper Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Writing Mixed Numbers as Improper Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractions Equal to 1 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Finding a Fraction to Complete a Whole - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Round Mixed Numbers to the Nearest Whole - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Mixed Numbers to Decimals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Decimals to Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Subtraction of Mixed Numbers with Regrouping - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplying Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Dividing Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)(zip)

Adding and Subtracting

Adding and Subtracting Fractions w Common Denominators - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Subtracting a Fraction From a Number Greater Than 1 - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Add and Subtract Fractions w Different Denominators - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Adding and Subtracting Fractions w Mixed Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplication of Fractions

Multiplying Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Cancelling Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Dividing Fractions

Dividing Fractions Using Manipulatives - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Reciprocals - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Using Reciprocals to Divide Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Multiple Fractional Factors - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Fractions Decimals and Percents

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - (play)(notes)(edit)(wbd)

Algebra Add Sub Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)(zip)

Algebra Rational Expressions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Complex Fractions

Inside Outside (Complex Fractions) - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Add Fractions Numerator or Denominator (complex fractions 2) - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Adding Complex Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Multiplication of Rational Expressions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Division of Rational Expressions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Abstract Fractional Equations - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Advanced Fractional Equations - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Advanced Abstract Fractional Equations, p2 - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Signs of Fractions - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebra Factorable Denominators - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)

Algebraic Simplification - (play)(notes)(edit )(wbd)