Most of our science illustration we have created in-house and make available to other projects, teachers, and students under a Creative Commons license. Just credit Virtual Homeschool Group or the author so others that would like to also use the images can find us.

Laboratory Graphics

The pieces and parts that make up the laboratory are all scaled and set to the same perspective to work well with each other. Perspective is handled in such a way to give a reasonably realistic feel yet give good visibility of what is happening on the desk surface.


Here are the bits and pieces of this scene so you can build and customize your own lab scene (click the title to download the image):

You can skip this layer if you prefer. This should be the lowest layer in your scene.

Shelves of chemical bottles
You can skip this layer if you prefer. THis graphis is specifically designed to go with the backwall graphic above.

Drawer Front, closed
Drawer 2, open (as seen in the graphic above)
Drawer 3 open
The empty areas on the front of the desk can be left as they are, or add in the varied drawer options to make it seem like there is a closed drawer or open drawer.

Lab Glassware

Beaker, 200 mL labelled, no pour spout
This has a simple design, with large scale readings for when you need that as a major part of the graphic.

Great for showing techniques that involve a funnel to get material in to a container.

Gas collection Set:

Erlenmeyer flask with stem for tubing
Thistle Tube
Cork and Cork Front
Simulate the thistle tube going through the cork, use both the cork and the cork front. It will seem like your glassware goes into and through the cork.
Test Tube already in upside-down position

Acid Base Titration Set

Titration Burette
The glassware in isolation without a stopcock. Just add a rectangle for the stopcock to make an animate-able flow control.
Ring Stand with Burette Clamp
This is designed to go with the burette above.
Bottle and Pipette
The two are designed to work together as a bottle with the pipette (eyedropper) fitting as a lid to the bottle.

Lab Chemicals

Baking Soda Box
It even includes the chemical formula on the box cover.

Lab Devices

Lab Mass Scale
Simple design with a large readout for the mass reading.

Computer Monitor
Great for diplaying information for the lab.